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What is the replacement for KTA3-100 Motor Controllers?

Question: I have a KTA3 in my multi-motor control panel. Since these are obsolete, what is the replacement? What are the alternatives to KTA3 Motor Controllers?

Answer: KTA3-25 controllers transitioned to KT4 or KT7 controllers. KTA3-100 controllers were replaced with KT7 controllers, but only up to 45 amps. The 63A and 90A units should be replaced with a magnetic starter.

KTA3 Motor Controllers are only approved for two types of applications according to UL (up to 600V).

CAT7 Open Combination Starter

The application of KTA3-100 as a manual motor starter using the 25A or 40A units can be addressed using KTA7 Motor Controllers, for applications up to 30 HP (460V). If one of the larger KTA3-100 units, 63A or 90A, are being used as a manual starter, then a CAT7 Magnetic Starter should be considered as the replacement.

If using KTA3-100 in a group installation application, sizes smaller than 45A are addressed using KTA7 Controllers. When KTA3-100-63A or -90A have been used in a group installation, the open combination starter should be considered the acceptable replacement. The Open Type Combination Starters include a molded case circuit breaker, contactor and overload, mounted to a back pan for standalone installation. Please refer to the Sprecher + Schuh E-Catalog for additional specifications on Open Type Combination Starters.

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