Rotary Cam Switches

L2 Rotary Cam Switches


Rotary Cam Switches

Series L2 to 25 A

For All Control & Load Applications to 25 Amps

Series L2 Rotary Cam Switches

Sprecher + Schuh's comprehensive line of L2 rotary cam switches are available for all control and load applications up to 25 amps. The line is modular and has many convenience and safety features. A well-thought-out ordering system provides many standard and nonstandard configurations that are many times available off the shelf.

Any switch configuration…

Two frame sizes provide control and load switching up to 25 amps, with as few as two, and as many as 16 contacts. Both frame sizes are available in panel mount and base mount for total flexibility. A wide range of switching configurations are offered from stock.

Standard and Non-standard Configurations for Any Application

Easy Cam Switch Assembly

Simple assembly and fast installation

Shaft extensions and door interlocks snap-on quickly without tools, saving time during assembly. Captive terminals are shipped open and are totally accessible regardless of whether the switch is base mounted or panel mounted. Screwdriver guides and clear terminal markings reduce wiring mistakes and speed installation. In addition, most switch handle assemblies are available with either screw fixing or the central nut mounting system for total flexibility.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh Series L2 Rotary Cam Switches are UL-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark.