Softstarter Intelligent Controllers

PCS Softstarters


Softstarter Intelligent Controllers

PCS Series up to 400HP @ 480VAC line connected


The PCS Softstarter Controller is one of Sprecher + Schuh's newest solid-state controllers, with rich features at an economical price. This softstarter is specifically designed to start 3-phase motors (up to 400HP@460V / 500HP@575V), but is very compact, easy to use and DIN-rail mountable for models up to 85A. Four standard starting modes are available with the PCS Controller:

Three Phase or Wye-Delta

All PCS Softstarters are designed to control either a standard 3-phase squirrel-cage induction motor or a wye-delta motor (700HP @ 460V/900 HP @ 575V Y-D).

Connect to CA7 for isolation, or KT7 for branch circuit protection

Connect to CA7 Contactors to provide isolation or KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers for branch circuit protection.

Self-Contained, Ready To Install

In one small package, PCS Controllers offer a built-in overload relay, a bypass contactor and a microprocessor controller that provides softstarting for most industrial applications. The standard Soft Start mode provides a smooth voltage ramp-up to full motor speed, while the Current Limit Starting mode limits inrush in high inertia applications. A Soft Stop feature ramps down high friction loads smoothly, eliminating sudden deceleration in these applications.

For Use Anywhere

PCS Softstarters come in three different frame sizes. The smallest frame is from 3A...37A, the middle size is from 43A...85A and the largest frame size is 108A...480A. These units are available from 200V...600V - 50/60 Hz. This assures the devices can be used anywhere in the world.

Many convenient features

PCS Softstarters are reliable and easy to use. Features include: Close-up of rotary switch and features

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh PCS Softstarters are UL-approved in the US and Canada. They also carry the CE mark.