Disconnect Switches

L11 Disconnect Switches

Rated to 1200A, protects motors up to 500HP@480V

Excellent short-circuit protection for downstream equipment.

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Disconnect Switches

L11 Fusible and Non-Fusible Switching to 1200A

Suitable For Use in Service Entrance Applications

Sprecher + Schuh's L11 series of fused and non-fused disconnect switches comply with UL98 service entrance requirements and are NFPA 79 compliant. This family of rod-operated switches is suitable for applications that require small panel space and superior short circuit protection.

Big performance in a small package

L11 disconnects are rated up to 1200A and can be operated at up to 600V. They protect motors up to 500HP (@480V). The L11 may be installed on circuits capable of delivering up to 200,000A of short circuit fault current, levels typically found in modern industrial facilities. These rod-operated disconnect switches also incorporate removable fuse carriers with an optional LED blown fuse indicator carrier. This performance comes in a small package, leaving room for additional branch circuit components within the panel.

Maximum protection for downstream equipment

L11 switches are UL98 as a branch circuit protection device and are engineered to provide excellent short-circuit protection for downstream equipment. The L11 fusible switches accept the latest small-dimension Class CC, J and HRCII fuses. This Type 2 protection limits let-through currents to levels specified for IEC equipment, and ensures that when the short circuit is cleared, the device will be operable.

Meets the toughest safety standards

The L11 offers a modular universal internal handle which provides an interlocked handle for test mode use and UL508A and NFPA 79 compliance in North America. The L11 30 and 60 amp units are equipped with removable fuse carriers which provide dead-front switch protection during fuse change-out. Fuse carriers with LED blown fuse indicators are also available as an option on the 30 and 60 amp devices. Test mode D7 auxiliary contacts may be installed to provide test capability of control circuit without energizing the main contacts. All of the L11 switches meet IP20 for finger-safe wiring terminals and IP30 for touch-safe fuse carriers.

Product Overview:

  • Fused Switch Versions 30...800A
    • UL Class J, UL Class CC
  • Non-Fused Switches 30...1200A
  • Operating Handle Ingress Ratings:
    • Type 1 (IP42)
    • Type 3R, 3, 12, 4, 4X (IP66)
  • Handle with or without Test Mode
  • Pad lockable Handle for up to three padlocks to meet OSHA requirements
  • D7 Auxiliary Contacts can be added to switch for control circuits
  • UL98 Suitable as Service Entrance Disconnecting Means
  • UL508 Suitable as At-Motor Disconnecting Means

L11 Series NFPA 79 Compliant

The L11 series is NFPA79 compliant, which meets the following guidelines under the NFPA 79 standards and

The Supply Circuit Disconnecting Device shall:

The interlocking means shall:

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh L10 disconnect switches conform to UL 98 standards (100-400A switches) and UL1087/489 standards (30 & 60A switches; are UL Listed, CSA, ASTA and LOVAG Certified and are designed to meet IEC 947-3, VDE, DIN, BS and applicable NEMA requirements.