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CS7 Control Relay

September 2017

CEP7 Overload Relay Testing Procedures

What procedure can be used to test the phase loss or overload protection on a CEP7 overload relay?

CS7 Control Relay

September 2017

Using an interposing relay with a CA6 Contactor

Can an interposing relay be used with CA6 Electronic coil contactors?

CA7 four pole terminals

August 2017

CA7 Four Pole Terminal Designations

What are the terminal designations on the CA7-__-M__ 4-pole contactors?

L7 Auxiliaries

August 2017

L11 Disconnect Switch Fuse Mounting Torque Requirements

What are the fuse mounting torque requirements for the L11 fusible disconnects 100A to 800A?

L11 Mounting

April 2017

L11 Disconnect Switch Mounting Directions and Reverse Feed

Can the L11 disconnect switches be rotated 180 degrees and mounted upside down, or sideways in a 90 degree orientation? Can you reverse or bottom feed these switches so that the incoming power is wired to the load side of the switch?

CEP7-EEHF Overload Relay

January 2017

Theory and Operation of Overload Protection Used in CEP7(S) Overload Relays

How do the CEP7(S) solid-state electronic overload relays detect and react to overload conditions in a motor? How can I reset the overload? How quickly will the overload reset?

L8 and L9 Trip Curves

December 2016

Causes of Unexpected Contactor Noise

Chatter, humming or buzzing coming from a contactor indicates a problem and should be investigated. Here are three common issues that could cause unexpected noises from an installed contactor.