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L7 Auxiliaries

April 2017

L11 Disconnect Switch Mounting Directions and Reverse Feed

Can the L11 disconnect switches be rotated 180 degrees and mounted upside down, or sideways in a 90 degree orientation? Can you reverse or bottom feed these switches so that the incoming power is wired to the load side of the switch?

CEP7-EEHF Overload Relay

January 2017

Theory and Operation of Overload Protection Used in CEP7(S) Overload Relays

How do the CEP7(S) solid-state electronic overload relays detect and react to overload conditions in a motor? How can I reset the overload? How quickly will the overload reset?

L8 and L9 Trip Curves

December 2016

Causes of Unexpected Contactor Noise

Chatter, humming or buzzing coming from a contactor indicates a problem and should be investigated. Here are three common issues that could cause unexpected noises from an installed contactor.

CA6 Coil Options

December 2016

CA6-420, CA6-630 or CA6-860 contactors with 24V or 48V AC or DC coils

Is there 24V or 48V AC or DC coil option for the 420, 630 or 860 amperage CA6 contactors?

There are no 24V or 48V AC or DC coil options available for the CA6-420, CA6-630 or CA6-860 contactors but the built in electronic interface offers an alternative.