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Sprecher + Schuh's entire contactor line housed in a variety of enclosures

Sprecher + Schuh's broad line of IEC contactors can be purchased pre-installed in a variety of standard enclosures. es. Cataloged enclosures include:

Type 1 (M1) General Purpose
Type 12 (M12) Industrial Dusttight
Type 3R (M3) Raintight (outdoor)
Type 4 (M4)    Watertight
Type 4X (F4) Watertight, Corrosion Resistant Non-Metallic

*Even though these are the most popular enclosure types for most industrial applications, we can house any contactor in a custom enclosure of your choice.

Quality enclosures ensure the highest confidence

Sprecher + Schuh only sources enclosures from name brand manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality. We primarily use enclosures that meet UL Standards, i.e., Type 1, Type 3R, etc., however, we can also source IEC-type enclosures at your request. Enclosures are sized first to accommodate the depth of the contactor and offer sufficient electrical clearances to satisfy UL.

Add a variety of modifications

If you need a larger enclosure than what is specified in our catalog, your sales representative and our Engineering department will work with you to customize any of our enclosed products to suit your exact specifications. Any combination of enclosure types, sizes, pilot devices, meters and other modifications can be combined to provide exactly the panel you need.

Precisely match the contactor to the application

Unique to IEC-style contactors is the ability to select the exact device required for a specific application. By identifying the conditions under which the contactor will be used, i.e., resistive loads, reversing, inching and plugging, etc., published "life-curve" data predicts contact life in millions of operations. This information enables you to select the precise contactor for your application... without buying too much or too little. Refer to Section A in this catalog for detailed technical information on all Sprecher + Schuh contactors.

Other unique features...

Virtually all Sprecher + Schuh contactors offer one or more of the latest design techniques and innovations, such as electronically controlled coils, field installable auxiliary contacts or universal accessories across the entire contactor family.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals