Solid State Relays

GEFRAN Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays

Panel Mount or DIN-Rail Mount Relays

Single Phase up to 120 amps or Three Phase up to 55 amps

Sprecher + Schuh is proud to offer Gefran Solid State Relays for high speed switching and long life. In specific applications, solid state relays offer many advantages over electromechanical devices including no moving parts or contact arcing. In addition, solid state relays are directly compatible with logic components such as microprocessors and PLCs. Three types of relays provide a variety of mounting and control options for single- or three-phase applications. Available in panel mount or DIN rail mounting options, Gefran Solid State Relays offer ampere ranges from 15A up to 120A, and up to 600V AC.

GEFRAN GQ Panel Mount Relays

Series GQ Panel Mount “Hockey Puck” Relays up to 90A

The GQ range of single-phase, zero crossing relays offers an antiparallel thyristor output, the most used solid state relay in industrial applications. GQ Relays can be used for resistive, inductive and capacity loads. This relay has been designed to stand high-value transitory applications and is available up to 90A @ 460V AC.

GEFRAN GTS DIN-Rail Mount Relays

Series GTS Single-Phase DIN-Rail Mount Relays up to 120A

The GTS range of power solid state relays offer voltage zero crossing, currents from 15A to 120A, and rated voltages of 230 and 480 VAC for AC or DC Control. All models are designed to guarantee operation at rated currents, with continuous driving of power at 40°C working temperature.

GEFRAN GTZ 3-Pole DIN-Rail Relays

Series GTZ Three-Phase DIN-Rail Mount Relays up to 55A

The GTZ series is a 3-phase, zero crossing power solid state relay for control of resistive and inductive loads, complete with aluminum heatsink and DIN guide connection. GTZ Relays are an integrated device designed for industrial applications demanding control of high power levels and frequent switching. This unit is available in 25A, 40A or 55A, up to 600V AC.

Common Applications

Quality You Can Depend On

Sprecher + Schuh is proud to partner with Gefran. With forty years of experience, Gefran is a world leader in the design and production of solutions for measuring, controlling, and driving industrial production processes. Gefran’s know-how and experience guarantee continuity and tangible solutions. Gefran’s line of solid state relays are the ideal solution for applications where high speed switching and long life are essential. Gefran is headquartered in Italy.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

The Gefran GQ panel mount & GTZ three phase solid state relays are cURus and UL Recognized. The GTS DIN-rail mount relays are cULus Listed. All models carry the CE mark.