Control & Timing Relays

High Quality Relpol Relays


Control & Timing Relays

High Quality Relpol Relays

Sprecher + Schuh has teamed with Relpol to include the following products in its control and timing device lineup.

R Series Plug-In Relays are designed to accommodate a range of applications

The variety of R Series Plug-In Relays offered by Relpol provides dependable, economical solutions for a range of control applications.

R2N/R4N 2- or 4-Pole Miniature Blade Type Plug-In Relays

2- or 3-Pole Tube Base Pin Type Plug-In Relays

RUC 2- or 3-Pole Square Base Blade Type Plug-In Relays

RY2 2-Pole Slim Blade Type Plug-In Relays

Screw Terminals and Socets

P Series Interface Relays

The Relpol PI84/PI85 Interface PCB Relays offer a unique design for high current applications.
  • PI84 Interface PCB 2-Pole Relay
  • PI85 Interface PCB 1-Pole Relay
PIR6W Slim Interface Terminal Block Relays is a full featured model in one small package
The Relpol PIR6W Slim Interface Terminal Block Relay is an ideally compact relay designed for a variety of high-density isolation and interposing applications.

Bringing you the World's Best Products

Relpol products are known to customers in more than 50 countries around the world. The company has been active in the production of industrial automation components since the late 1950s, and manufactures a broad line of control products, including plug-in power relays, interface relays, PCB signal relays and relay sockets. Contact your local Sprecher + Schuh representative for more information regarding the complete Relpol product offering.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh Timing Relays are UL-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark.