Softstarter Intelligent Controllers

Install SMC Application Wizard 1.4.3 [2.73Mb .EXE]



PCS/PF Softstarter Application Wizard

The following Softstarter software is intended to provide estimation for applicability of the PCS and PF products to a given set of operating requirements. The results of this tool are intended to be used as reference only.

JAVA Based eTool

SMC Application Wizard 1.4.3 [2.73Mb EXE] Use this tool for stand alone ability to create simple and advanced system analysis.


To install this application double click the self extracting ZIP file. Choose where to put your application files. A folder will be created on your computer.

To run this application, open the folder where you extracted the program to. Double click the .jar file. If this application fails to run, you may not have the most current version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This application requires a minimum JRE version of 1.6.0 to run. Download the latest version of the JRE at